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Please review the following documentation with your guest.  Each guest must complete this process on every visit.  By clicking the send button at the bottom, consent and affirmation of all guidelines is accepted by the pass holder and guest.  Please take the necessary time to review the following Alpha Range Guest Registration Safety Protocols to ensure all parties have reached thorough understanding.  Due diligence will allow this process to serve as a teaching tool and ensure safe actions on YOUR firing line.

Part 1:  Annual Pass Holder Guest guideline review:

1. Guest Fees are $30 per guest, per visit.  Payment should be dropped in the white cash box (electronic payments via Zelle, Venmo, PayPal gift are accepted using the payment address of

2.  Pass holders may only have 2 shooting guests at a time unless prior approval is awarded by Herb based on approved course of fire sequence.

3. Pass holders serve as safety officer for their guests and assume all responsibility for their guest's actions and education.  At no time should your guest(s) be left unintended in a bay with uncased firearms without you being present.

4. With the exception of immediate family, no single shooting guest may be brought to Alpha Range more than four times per year.

5.  Pass Holders are not allowed to let Guests run out of a holster or a sling.  Guests must retrieve a cold firearm from a bag located on a "work surface," upon your command load and make ready, commence sequence of fire, unload show clear, hammer down on empty chamber WHILE POINTED AT THE TRAP, and return the cold firearm to a bag.  Safe muzzle awareness MUST BE FOLLOWED through all operations.  Only exception to Guest's using a holster is if they are ACTIVE LEO.

Part 2:  Protocol review for Guests:

6.  Guests are not allowed to utilize holsters or slings at Alpha Range.  CCW must "de-gun" in your vehicle.

7.  Firing line procedure is for the cased firearm to be on a cart / table top / etc.  Upon Range Officer (RO) instruction, remove the firearm from the case, load and make ready, and run the course of fire (COF).  When finished with the COF, wait for RO instruction to make the weapon clear, show clear, inspect, hammer down, and then re-case. If the guest is to conduct live fire away from a cart / table, then the RO should bring the guest the cased firearm, direct them through the COF sequence (make ready, complete COF, unload, show clear, inspect and bag), and then assist the guest to bag the firearm with care for muzzle awareness.  At no time should shooters be walking around a range bay while holding uncased firearms risking unintended muzzling.

6. The bullet trap is rated up to a .50 BMG.  The black rubber tile Battle Walls are rated for PISTOL CALIBERS ONLY. Shotguns (including slugs, bird & buck shot) may only be discharged into the trap.

7. Only COLD firearms may be uncased and handled at the Make Ready Table (the only location in the "clubhouse area."  Firearms MAY NOT BE HANDLED anywhere else at Alpha except in a Range Bay and when instructed by your Range Officer.

8. NO AMMO is allowed to be handled at / on / or near the Make Ready Table where COLD firearms are handled. All magazine loading should be done in the classroom area on in a bay.

9.  No firearms should be left uncased or handled while others are down range.

10.  OSHA approved eye wear and hearing protection must be worn during all live fire exercises.  Spare pairs are located at the Make Ready Table.  Please return any borrowed equipment.

11.  NO STEEL CORE, armor piercing (AP), green tip, or any projectile designed to defeat or damage steel may be used at Alpha. When in doubt, do not use. Liability and damages are your responsibility!  For steel core ammo test, a magnet is kept at the Make Ready Table tool box to check the projectile-  if the projectile sticks, then the ammo MAY NOT BE USED AT ALPHA.

12.  Steel targets may only be engaged with pistol caliber ammunition at 30'-0" or greater distances. #7 or smaller pellet size lead shot may also be used on the steel targets.   Steel targets MAY NOT BE ENGAGED WITH RIFLE CALIBER AMMUNITION.

13.  To avoid flooding the common area with gunfire noise, Bay doors should only be opened when there is a break in live fire.  Please check the TV monitor before opening the door to return back in the bay.

14.  Bay doors at Alpha may only be held open for 8 seconds during Red Light / Start Up Mode, and 60 seconds in Green Light / Operation mode.  Disregarding these protocols will result in the ventilation system automatically shutting down with a 15 minute reset period.  Please observe these guidelines.

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Thank you and enjoy your shoot

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