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a Private Training facility -Not open to THE public

Capable training leads to capable results


Alpha Range is a PRIVATE facility only open to our Annual Pass Holders who have completed our Safety Officer Training. Sorry, we are not open to the public or outside rentals.


Alpha consists of twin tactical ranges, both 26' wide by 60' long by 11'+ high. Bays support 180 degree live fire engagements. Both shoot rooms accommodate arrays of course designs typical of IPSC / USPSA competitions, along with various training exercises. There are no overhead target carriers or stall dividers to get in the way of setting up courses of fire.


All members must successfully complete a Safety Officer certification program specific to Alpha Range and our unique capabilities.


Alpha Range protocols are designed for holster carry; both open and concealed.


We proudly host MISS IPSC/USPSA league nights every other week during season, with two ranges available simultaneously.


Train like you want.


Teamwork.  Education.  Training.  Safety. Friendship.  Competition.


6am-12am Midnight, 7 days a week.

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